Friday, April 12, 2013

24-carat gold smartphone

Better not leave this mobile on the train! Designer creates world's most expensive iPhone 5 from gold and £9m black diamond
The 24-carat gold smartphone is encrusted with 53 sparkling jewells
Stuart Hughes, who develops 'exclusive, elite gadgets', created it
A niche gadget designer has created the world's most expensive iPhone 5 from gold, white diamonds and a rare £9million black diamond.
Craftsman Stuart Hughes created a 24-carat gold smartphone with an Apple logo encrusted with 53 sparkling jewells.
The phone is now worth £10million.
Mr Hughes, who develops 'exclusive, elite gadgets', was approached by a mysterious businessman from Hong Kong who he refers to as 'Joe'.
The unidentified millionaire travelled to Liverpool to meet the niche designer with a rare 26 carat black diamond that forms the centrepiece.
The hand-crafted iPhone 5 is encrusted with a jaw-dropping 600 white diamonds and the sapphire glass screen contains 135 grams of 24-carat gold.
But without the black diamond the phone would be worth a meagre £150,000
Mr Hughes said: 'The most difficult part of building the phone was the solid gold chassis
'At first we found that the 3G didn't work as well due to the amount of gold we added. But we soon perfected the processes which is why "Joe" approached us.'
The 43 year-old is no stranger to crafting expensive phones.
He has created a solid gold handset for Australian football team owner and gold magnate Tony Sage.
The designer laughed: 'Luckily with Mr Sage we had absolutely no problem getting hold of gold as he's involved in the gold extraction business.'
The black diamond iPhone 5 has beaten the previous record set by Mr Hughes in 2009 with a £1.92million iPhone 3GS Supreme.


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